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Remote Python Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

Python Developer with Machine Learning Experience (Remote)

Currently working with a top 10 pharmaceutical company to create a complete system based on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, we're looking for an experienced Python developer with strong mathematical abilities and a passion for ML to join our core team. You'll work closely with our CEO and our CTO (an expert in AI and machine learning), to build new features and enhancements to the core platform and to ensure our success in this challenging project.

The ideal candidate:

is friendly and approachable team player;

has excellent communication skills;

is fluent in English (both written and spoken);

has a high level of self-management and organisational skills;

is responsible and able to work within a tight schedule;

is comfortable learning new technologies and APIs and applying them to production.

Required skills:

2+ years developing web based applications;

Competence in solving large-scale and non-orthodox problems;

Proven ability to write clean, organised, and well-documented code;

Proficiency in designing and implement RESTful web services;

Substantial experience with Python, Django, Flask, and strong understanding of MVC pattern, and other object oriented patterns/concepts;

Experience working with any/all of the following: NumPy, Pands, Scikit-learn, matplotlib;

Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and general relational database concepts;

Experience using Git (GitHub) for version tracking and collaboration with other developers;

Demonstrable experience and knowledge in the following fields will be considered a huge plus:

recommendation systems;

clustering algorithms;

classification algorithms;

search and filtering engines;

optimization techniques;

model predictions;

PCA, multidimensional scaling, SVMs;

Bayes networks and other statistical classifiers;

Neural networks;

deep learning.

Our offer:

Competitive salary and a long-term commitment at a stable and growing company;

Yearly bonus based on company success and personal achievements;

Opportunity to join our team of talented professionals and to expand your knowledge;

Important to note: we are a distributed team (meaning you'll be working from home or wherever you prefer) and we use Slack, Skype, Jira and Basecamp as our primary communications tools.

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