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Remote IT Engineer

Posted about 1 month ago

IT Engineer (m/f/d)

As an IT Engineer at BRYTER, you're part of a new team that's being set up. You'll work on the Trust and Security area, and closely with the security and people teams, and cross-functionally with all other areas and teams at BRYTER.

Your mission is to ensure that everyone at BRYTER can do their work as effectively and efficiently as possible, without IT getting in the way. That is, you'll ensure the systems we're working with internally are configured and working as needed.

This role is implementation, configuration, and automation oriented. Preferably mid-level.

What you'll do:

Implement IAM, SSO, MFA, MDM, Endpoint Protection, Access Control, MFA, and software based VPNs

Provide technical assistance and support to incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware via Slack, email, ticket, or in-person for employees, contingent workers, and vendor

Collaborate with business teams on goals, milestones, and the IT Implementation roadmap

Work with the IT Support Specialist on resolving escalated tickets related to IT Implementations

Must-have experience:

Implementing IAM, SSO, MDM, and Endpoint Protection

Managing Apple devices

Managing a cloud based or hybrid IT infrastructure

Provisioning and deprovisioning core workplace SaaS applications

Automating processes

An understanding of cloud security, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android device security

Previously working in IT Support or related role

Experience automating processes

Nice-to-have experience:

Implemented Access Control, MFA, and software based VPN's

Understanding of compliance and security-based standards, certifications, and regulations: ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2, GDPR

Understanding of basic security standards and organisational security policies

Certifications - A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+ MS-100, MS-101, MS-500, SC-200, SC-300 or at least have finished similar courses

Experience in shell scripting, Python

Essential ways of working

Ability to work independently

managing your own time

Organised and methodical approach to work

Always looking for ways to improve service quality with creative ideas

Good prioritisation and management of workload

Great empathetic communication skills


BRYTER is an all-remote organization, that started in Germany, but is now spread all over Europe and right now expanding into the US.

We enable business experts to build and distribute powerful applications. Our software is intuitive and simple enough for non-IT experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise-ready for industries with complex reasoning and demanding use cases. We especially cater to experts in law, finance, tax and compliance by helping them automate and standardize decision making.

Want to know more about what working at BRYTER looks like? Take a peek at our Careers page.

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