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Remote Cloud Architect - Build & Learn in the Financial Industry at Scratch Financial Inc. (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

What we're building

Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple friendly payment plans. We help pet parents to provide the care their pets need, easing the financial barrier. We are growing fast in the veterinary space and Veterinarian, Pet owners and pets across the US and Canada love us! Come help us help more pets!

About the position

This position is about helping to build Scratchpay's Cloud Infrastructure. It is about providing pet parents and clinics with the payment solution they need and working really hard in the background to protect their data, without them even worrying about it. It's about giving the business what it needs to grow safely, smoothly, and with as little surprises as possible when it comes to data and cybersecurity.

It's also about working with the engineering, security, data and operational teams to research, design, implement, deploy and maintain the best tools and practices there are to achieve our goal and mission and educate all teams to make the best of it.

This is about pushing the edge of what has been done in Finance and Lending to build a scalable platform that can serve all-the-pets, however many (but the more the merrier). This is about working with a brilliant team that's been growing from 0 to 1 in ~3 years and that is helping pets in all states in the US and most provinces in Canada.

This job is for you if you recognize yourself in this:

About you

Ideal Location: Europe (Portugal / Mid/Eastern Europe)

Ideal Experience: 8+ years

Ideal Background: You have ideally worked in a highly scalable environment, a modern Financial institution is preferred, or a cloud-first, customer and cyber-security centric venture.


You will:

How to know if you are a good fit?

Ideal Competencies



In other words, you will have to:

Our culture

We care about the human aspect of work and we expect others to. Excellence is also an important keyword @ Scratchpay. While everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them. We are conscious about efficiency and effectiveness in a positive way. We don't do things that bring low-to-no value short or long term. We also do hard things that bring a lot of value. Quality, attention to detail and respect are some of the traits you must have and expect others to have.

The good

The bad

The most important thing is: We are always looking at improving. All the time, step by step. If you feel mediocre and don't see a path to improvement or can't listen to others' voices to, please do not apply.

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