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Remote Business Intelligence Architect

Posted about 2 years ago

Business Intelligence Architect

We are looking for a BI Architect to expand our data-driven decision-making capabilities.

You will join our operations team and take ownership of the data pipeline, reporting and business intelligence tools. You will have an impact on our success by identifying and mapping our business requirements and prioritizing stakeholder needs.

Your will focus on forming our data architecture, including setting up a data warehouse and implementing systems to manage and present data.

You will also expand our reporting capabilities, identify trends and patterns in data, visualize data in ways approachable to the whole company and try new techniques so that we can make better decisions and make them faster.

The salary for this position is 50,000 EUR annually. You can work from anywhere in the world.

"We believe great people will make awesome stuff anywhere. New York, S o Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence. No need to move for your dream job. We hire globally. You work locally."

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