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Remote Big Data Cyber Solutions Senior DevOps Engineer in New York City

Posted about 2 years ago

Senior DevOps Engineer (Big Data Cyber Solutions): Virtual/Remote

New York, NY


Our client is developing and supporting a Big Data Analytic solution to support our customer's cyber-security posture. They are collecting nearly 3 Petabytes of information in a customer-owned cluster and developing new analytics, visualizations, and business decision tools around it.

They are expanding their Dev/Ops team, which manages, troubleshoots, deploys updates, and tests the solution across multiple clusters. As a Dev/Ops Engineer you will work with the other members of the team to focus on Availability, Automation, Scaling, Performance and Security. You will:

Manage, strengthen, grow and support our infrastructure on a large cluster within our customer Data Source

Work with an agile team of engineers to design scalable software services

Manage Petabytes of Cyber Security data in an Elasticsearch, HDFS cluster

Utilize tools such as Ganglia, Marvel, Kopf, and CentOS to monitor and manage the cluster

Manage load testing, scaling and performance

Automate deployments, monitoring and self-healing

Design and enforce security protocols

Manage releases

Support the development infrastructure


Expertise with Linux, including scripting & performance

Ability to design and configure virtual network topologies

Experience designing configuration management systems using tools such as Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt & Jenkins

Strong coding capability in one or more languages, especially Java, Python, webdriver, PHP, Scala, Java, Bash

Ability to architect clustered application services for resilience and performance

Exposure to two or more of: Elasticsearch, HDFS, Cassandra, Kafka, MongoDB, Lucene

Six to ten years of experience

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