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React & React Native Developer at Undefined LLC (Louisville, KY) (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago

Are you a professional React or React Native developer looking to break from your corporate overlords and get involved in a small number of popular projects? Interested in being treated like an adult, having flexibility in your schedule, and doing more with AI and AR?

Undefined LLC is looking for 2-3 Full-Time developers to help take our iOS & Android app (built in React Native) to the next level, including adding new screens and user experiences, adding animations, and incorporating AI and AR. You'll also continue to build out various React web applications to accompany the app.

You'll love working at Undefined if you can:

On a daily basis, you'll be developing new features in our app in React Native or working on the websites (React) to support the app (a customer-facing site and an admin dashboard). Both are stable; so, you won't likely be consumed with bug fixes, though this is a portion of your responsibilities.

You may be involved in internal app planning sessions, but if you're more of a doer than a people-person, that's fine too! We all communicate on slack throughout the day and hold weekly and as-needed phone/video meetings for catch-up and planning.

You'll report directly to the project owner.

You'll definitely work with:

You will probably also work with:

You might learn or interface a little with:

More about the position

This is a full-time, salaried position open to US applicants. We offer health, life, vision, dental, and paid time off. Remote employment is available, but no outsourcing.

We're ready to hire today, and we move quickly and act decisively; so, contact us immediately if you're interested.

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