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R Developer at YouGov (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago, part of the YouGov PLC, is seeking a talented, motivated, and versatile human to help lead the development of our R data science products. Crunch provides a modern platform for survey data analysis, and a central feature of our product is the ability to manipulate and analyze datasets stored in the cloud using R. As senior R developer, you will have three main responsibilities. First, you will work with the rest of our team to design and implement novel features that deliver real value and change our clients’ workflows for the better. Second, as the primary point of contact between our R user community and the development team, you will serve as their voice in product development. And third, you will often directly help clients manipulate and explore data using Crunch, including helping clients design and implement workflows that incorporate Crunch.  

Key responsibilities:

Depending on your interests and skills, there are opportunities to get involved in:

In any given week, you might implement an R interface for a new API our backend has added, write a blog post introducing that new feature, track down a bug report from a user, write a test that reproduces the issue, and assist customers in implementing Crunch via the Crunch R packages. 


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