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Quality Engineer at Hazelcast (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago

We are looking for people to join our quality engineering team at Hazelcast.

Are you tired of testing the database backened frontend over and over again? Would you like to take a deep dive into web application falling apart due to distributed environment bugs? Have you ever thought that quality engineer is the same as developer, just with a different mindset and goals?

We're looking for a passionate developer with strong focus on quality. Our Management Center web application needs a person with "how-to-break-it" mindset. In your future position, your main goals will be:
- trying to come up with scenarios that nobody else would come up with and break the application to pieces,
- creating and automating Selenium based UI tests in Java, as well as tests for the background of the application,
- developing and improving test tools, frameworks and test related infrastrusture,
- even fixing the bugs that you find, if you want to,
- becoming a true automation master using scripting languages, Jenkins and any other necessary tool.

We would love you to drop us a CV, if you:
- have strong knowledge of Java and Selenium in particular,
- are familiar with React and other web development technologies,
- are truly passionate about your work, like digging deep into the problem and never give up before solving it,
- like being actually part of the development team, not yet another quality engineer behind the wall, and
- feel comfortable working in a distributed team of people with multiple nationalities all around the world.

You may either work in our office (Brno, London or Istanbul) or code remotely from a home office. It is also preferable that you are within a few hours of the CET timezone as this is where most of the developers are based.

About Hazelcast

At Hazelcast, we're best known for the world's simplest and most powerful open source in-memory data grid named Hazelcast IMDG. Besides that, we're expanding our area of expertise to stream and batch processing with lightweight, embeddable and fast Hazelcast Jet. Our community is counted to tens of millions starts of our software every day all around the world.

Join us to be part this exciting path to the future of distributed computing!

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