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QA Engineer at Scrapinghub (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

QA is an important function within Scrapinghub. The QA team works to ensure that the quality and usability of the data scraped by our web scrapers meets and exceeds the expectations of our enterprise clients.

Are you passionate about data and data quality and integrity?

Do you enjoy using programming languages and tools to automate testing, analyze data, and speed up manual processes?

Are you highly customer-focused with excellent attention to detail?

Due to growing business and the need for ever more sophisticated QA, we are looking for a talented QA Engineer with both automated and manual test experience to join our team. As a Scrapinghub Engineer, you will take automated, semi-automated, and manual approaches and apply them in the verification and validation of data quality. Although Python is our preferred language for automation; demonstrable experience of automating things in other languages (e.g. Groovy, Ruby, PHP etc.) is welcome. And while we are primarily interested in the quality assurance of data, your experience in testing applications, systems, UIs, APIs etc. will be brought to bear on the role.

In addition, while experience in programming languages other than Python is welcome, you must be comfortable at test automation using your language(s) of choice. Please describe this experience clearly in your CV or cover letter, beyond simply listing the programming language as one that was used in the role you held.




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