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Open-source engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

We are Meeshkan, winners of the 2018 Slush 100 pitch competition and recently voted #1 on Wired's list of Finland's best startups ( We got there because we have a killer open-source culture. We have over fifty open-source repos, hundreds of downloads a week, and we attend meetups all over the world to help developers. We are looking for an experienced coder to curate, innovate, and lead development on our JS/TS, Python, Java, Swift, Go, C++, C# and Rust OS projects. Even more than writing code, the one essential skill set we are looking for is **solid open-source governance skills**. Ideally, you are a maintainer or contributor to several OSS projects (including potentially ones you've created) and you've learned along the way to empathize with developers from all walks of life, especially when the going gets tough.

## We ❤️ Open Source

Meeshkan started as an open-source project - we were building a giant, distributed Machine Learning compiler. We quickly realized the business case for open-source: by making innovative and useful tools for developers, you gain their trust and win more business.

This way of thinking led us to, the world's first and only Javascript API Fuzz testing library. Unmock is the beating heart of our company: all of our business comes from it, and we have met a passionate and diverse group of engineers along the way, from users to enthusiastic influencers to partnerships with companies like CircleCI to conversations with some of the largest tech companies in the world.

We are looking for a talented engineer to join our team and help curate and grow our world-class open source projects.

## Your Role in Meeshkan

At Meeshkan, you would help grow, prune, and channel our open source projects towards the needs of the world's developers. This would mostly be through code contributions, repository design and articles. We are looking for a polyglot that feels comfortable writing idiomatic, beautiful code in many different languages. At our heart, we are a functional-programming company, and we are especially interested in candidates that are passionate about languages like Scala, Haskell, PureScript, OCaml, ReasonML, Coq, Clojure, Scheme, F#, and projects like fp-ts and

Open-source projects only work if they grow out of a collective desire to do something great. Your job starts with having your ear to that need by attending conferences, working with developers from other companies, and working with our other amazing open-source engineers to make a dent in the world. From there, we expect you to have the autonomy and drive to create compelling features, make bold and opinionated stylistic choices, onboard contributors, and defend your ideas and choices in writing. To give you a taste of some of our current activities, check out and

We don't shy away from the business case for open source. We embrace it. This means that, unlike many open source projects, we look for ways to convert the most value-additive aspects of our open source code bases into services that companies pay for on a recurring basis. We expect all employees working with our open source projects to have bold ideas about which elements of our open source projects can be viable services and take risks to build prototypes of these services.

## Your Git Commits

We are looking for candidates for this position that have a strong track record of git commits to open source projects, reporting issues to open source projects, writing documentation for open source projects and/or code review for open source projects. When you apply, please point to a place we can learn about these things.

## Company Culture

Your day-to-day work would be fairly independent, but the entire team is always available for collaboration as a sounding board. We are low on formalities and high on substance, and in addition to our operational team, we have a broad network of advisors and investors that are always willing to help out in ideation and introductions. We have a generous office hours and vacation policy, but we are one of the most high-intensity and high-output companies in town due to the fast pace of our industry. Because of this, we are also hyper-sensitive to stress and wellbeing, and offer employees ample opportunities to recharge and feel good.

## Diversity

We are committed to fostering a diverse workplace, and we make it a special point to welcome candidates from underrepresented groups in tech companies. We know that, if you are part of one of these groups, you may have suffered from systemic industry-wide biases that make it more difficult for you to shine than other folks. We don't like that, and we are committed to evaluating every candidate on their own merits given their unique experiences.

## Parting Shot

We put open source at the heart of everything we do. We have over thirty years of combined experience contributing to and leading open source projects. If you share the same love and appetite for a challenge, come work with us!

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