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.NET and JavaScript Web Developer at Bilbayt (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

We're a small team of talented software developers and engineers looking for motivated full-stack developers with a passion for building modern and elegant cloud-hosted software solutions. We focus on using modern languages, technologies, and frameworks to deliver rich and cutting-edge experiences for our users, customers, and stakeholders.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a full-stack ASP.NET Core web developer who can plan, design, and lead the development of new features in a suite of web and mobile applications we build and support. We're looking for developers with experience in:

What experience we'd love to see

If any of the above are unfamiliar that's okay, we'd still be very excited to have a talented developer willing to learn with mentorship from a team member.

What you'll be working on 

You'll be working alongside a small team of experienced developers to build out and evolve a suite of cloud-native web solutions that include:

How do we build software

We take a modern and agile approach to building great software that starts with informal feature brainstorming sessions, design and planning meetings, and technology and approach discussions. Our team is remote and distributed so most conversations and meetings happen on Slack or Jira.

Feature development, tasks, and bugs are logged in Jira along with their requirements, design mock-ups, and notes. We work from a single Git repository using feature branches, GitFlow, and pull requests. We're very agile and move fast, we deploy to production multiple times per day.

Who you'll work with

You'll be working directly with our founders, our customer experience team, and your software developer teammates. We're still a small company and you'll have the opportunity to work directly with everyone involved in moving the company forward. 

Work schedule

Bilbayt is based in Kuwait (GMT +3 hours) and we have a Sunday - Thursday workweek. While we offer some flexibility on schedule our team generally is online and available on the same schedule. 

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