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Making Relationships Work: Enrolment Coach - High Ticket Sales with Heart

Posted almost 2 years ago

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Headquarters: United States


 We are changing the world one ‘Wise Woman’ at a time.
If you are a mature, heart-centred, results-oriented, ambitious person (man or woman) who is inspired to change women’s lives on a daily basis, I want to talk with you.

Does this sound like you:
My MISSION in life is to reconnect every woman with their innate Wise Woman and use this part of her to lead and save her marriage. In doing so, we transform women’s lives by changing the relationship she holds with herself, her husband and her children.

We work with women alone, taking them from a marriage that is stuck, lonely and disconnected, into a 
marriage that is thriving, connected and on purpose.

EVERY DAY we see the trajectory of our clients lives change in real time, impacting generations to follow.

APPLY ONLY if you have these qualities:
This is a lucrative, commission only position. If that does not work for you, please don’t apply. We do not pay hourly or for training.

This position provides you with non-stop warm leads, (no cold calling) to women who are ready and wanting to change their lives.

We provide world-class training as well as consistent, on-going coaching and support.  You might be working from home, but you WILL NOT be alone! In fact! You have the full attention and support of a Full Time Sales Director who is there to coach and support you to your success.

That being said, we also expect you to be resourceful, and display wisdom, maturity, and independence.

You may need to do self-development/self-care work between calls (part of our comprehensive training) so you can serve and be fully present on your next call.

If you feel you are too sensitive, easily impacted by other’s pain, or unable to go into deep water in these conversations, this is not a fit.

You will earn at the level of your own capability, which will mean more as YOU grow.

This is a role for people who are inspired to show up as someone’s advocate EVERY DAY.

This is a role for people who know who they are, are ready to be more, grow, face their own fears and discomfort if necessary, and show up big for themselves and those they serve!

If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, you will need to do 3 things EXACTLY as described below:

  1. Fill out the application here:

  2. Create a 1-3 minute video telling us WHY you are the BEST fit for this position. Upload it to YouTube, mark it UNLISTED (not private) and send us the link.

  3. Email the video link and attach your resume to

You can browse my website here: 

To apply:

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