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lockr: Software Engineer, Lead

Posted 12 days ago

Headquarters: New York, NY


lockr is building a suite of consumer-facing tools to revolutionize the relationship people have with their data by providing means for access and allows for sharing, selling and trading data in exchange for goods or services.

lockr’s first product helps you regain control of your inbox by providing an email product you can use for company relationships online. As an example, you can use your for newsletters, publishers and ecommerce. We give you tools to control which emails pass through to your personal email account and which remain in your lockrMail. lockrMail can also help you by acting as an agent on your behalf to securely request personal data, whether it be behavioral, attitudinal, interaction, or anything else. We do this by leveraging consumer subject access request requirements mandated by GDPR and CCPA. We leave it up to you how that data is shared and used.

We’re privacy first and foremost and we’re supporters of GDPR and CCPA, regulation that helps consumers regain control of their data. If you are passionate about the future of data ownership and privacy, please reach out. We’d love to tell you more about our vision.


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