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Learning in Action (LIA): Digital Marketing Manager

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Bethesda, MD


 Driven, Compassionate, Innovative Digital Marketing Manager Profile 
We are in search of a driven, compassionate, innovative digital marketing manager to help us transform our business to enable us to transform more lives. 

This position is ideal for someone who: 
The person we are seeking is someone who embodies certain attributes and attitudes at align with the company.    Who the person is, is more important than what they’ve done. 

We are in search of someone with the following: 





Driven, Compassionate, Innovative Digital Marketing Manager 
The initial responsibilities of the position would be:

Marketing Goals: 
Goal 1:  To develop and sustain a consistently predictable means of attracting and retaining new clients.  Our engagement with existing clients and referrals is high.  The open territory lies in the strategies and tactics that lead to new clients from non-referral sources. 
Goal 2:  To develop the LIA brand into a respected, trusted resource for training, community and development among coaches, consultants and LD professionals. 
Goal 3:  To increase the lifetime value of our clients, creating longer, stronger, more engaged and valuable relationships. 
Initiatives supporting these goals would include: 

To apply: http://Email

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