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Lead full stack .NET/React developer at 33reasons (Leuven, Belgium) (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

Hi, we’re 33reasons, a start-up founded in January 2019. We're building a digital assistant that takes care of the financial paperwork for entrepreneurs, saving them time, money and a lot of frustration and worries.

In the past months we worked hard on the business case, the design, finding funds and building a prototype (in Vue.js). Now it's time to bring her to life! And therefore we need you: a talented full stack developer that wants to join us on our journey.

As we are building our product from scratch, you have the unique opportunity to be part of the team, right from the very first lines of code. We offer you a playground where you can put all your passion in building a piece of software to be proud of. Software that is scalable and maintainable and can easily grow along with our customer base and the size of our team. Software that is secure and protects the data of our clients.

We expect you to be our technical guru. The go-to person that follows the latest trends in web and mobile development, juggles with .NET, Azure, React (Native), Apollo and GraphQL. The one that leads the way and coaches his fellow developers but learns from them at the same time. We’re too small for “overhead”, so we’re not looking for a manager but rather a passionate developer with strong analytical, engineering and people skills.

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