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Posted almost 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Bangkok


Hello from Ko-fi! 

Thanks for considering working with us. We’re looking for a full-stack developer to help us build a platform that empowers creators around the world to fund their passions. 

Are you excited by the idea of working at a start-up leading development projects that impact millions of people?

Are you based in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Hanoi?

In this role, you will:

About You
You must have a strong C# ASP.NET MVC background. 

You’ve developed a wide variety of clean and maintainable .NET projects deployed at scale. Ideally these projects involved payment integrations or consumer-facing applications. 

You aren’t afraid of the front end. You’re happy to dive into the front end on a regular basis and you already have a thorough demonstrable knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

You are good at prioritising. You are always looking for ways to make your products better while also taking a considered approach to priorities to ensure the right things get worked on.

You are resourceful. You ‘pull’ the information and guidance you need rather than waiting for it to be ‘pushed’ to you. You seek new and innovative ways of improving the product, the team and the way we do things without waiting to be told what to do or how to do it.

You ship. You have a bias towards action, and you will be eager to deploy your work. You test enough to be confident, but you don’t procrastinate.

Things You’ll Do
Work directly with the founding team.
Learn and teach each other while doing your best work and building a platform to help creators across the globe to do what they love.

Develop new core features.
From innovative payment technologies, to supporter management features and mobile apps. You will be leading high-impact projects at the heart of Ko-fi.

Integrate with the best consumer technologies. Integrate Ko-fi with streaming tools, social sites and website building software.

Ship every week. You’ll have access to the full codebase to improve the product and see your work in the hands of millions of users.

We can't wait to hear from you!

To apply:

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