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IntakeQ: Digital Marketer

Posted over 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Ontario, Canada


About The Role

Your primary job is to understand our customers. You will learn what motivates them, what frustrates them and what delights them. With that knowledge you will help improve our messaging and positioning in the market. 

You will use your previous SaaS experience to plan and execute a marketing strategy, from high level down to tactical implementation. 

You will take a holistic view of our current efforts and ensure that our messaging, tone and positioning remains consistent across different communication channels.

You will take ownership over how we communicate product updates, new features, etc. 

You are not afraid of wearing different hats. One day you will be getting your hands dirty writing copy on a landing page, the other day you will be on a call with a potential partner for a co-marketing opportunity.

You are comfortable working remotely as part of a productive small team, with a high level of motivation and autonomy. 

You will identify new opportunities and go after them: influencer outreach & collaboration, co-marketing partnerships, podcasts, news, etc.


Proven experience in all or most of the major marketing channels: content marketing, paid ads, SEO, retargeting, email marketing, social media and affiliates.

You are comfortable getting your hands dirty and doing the work yourself but are ready to manage and train freelancers as we grow.

A confident and clear communicator with excellent writing and presentation skills over email, social media, phone, video conference, webinars.


Bonus points:

Pay is commensurate with experience. If you are in Canada, the goal would be to go full-time after a probation period. If you are anywhere else, we'll negotiate a sustainable work-for-hire contract.

To apply:

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