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Host Compliance: Senior Backend / API Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: San Francisco, California


Host Compliance is building the platform that ensures the sharing economy works for everyone. Working at the intersection of government and tech, we are the service cities use to manage Airbnbs and other short-term rentals. The software you build will help local governments make better choices around permitting, collecting fair taxes, and keeping neighborhoods safe. You can learn more about us from articles in Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

Product-market fit? We’ve got it, with 300 customers and counting. Want to use modern tooling and best-practice development? We do it. Want to work on your own schedule from wherever in the world you choose? Our team is built for it. Want to grow as an engineer and work with other talented engineers? Come join us. Each year we also meet in person at an engineering retreat somewhere in the world (last time it was a villa in Italy!).

We are seeking an experienced engineer with deep knowledge of python to help us build cutting-edge tools & products. We combine a modern built-in-house SAAS platform, a GraphQL API, and cutting-edge machine learning models into a comprehensive suite of services to help our customers do their job.

The team behind Host Compliance consists of an experienced group of data scientists, engineers and business people with backgrounds from Caltech, Harvard, and McKinsey. The company is profitable and has grown rapidly since launching out of Stealth mode in Q2 2016.

Come join us, work with the best, build your skills and make a difference.

Key Responsibilities

Some projects you might work on...

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Hiring Process

As a true meritocracy, we care about your abilities, attitude, and work ethic. We have no requirements for educational background or location. To be sure this job is the right fit for you, we will ask that you complete a coding challenge that is similar to work you will be doing every day.

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