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Harvest: Marketing Manager

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: New York, NY


About Harvest

Harvest is an independent software company that makes tools to help businesses run more smoothly. We believe that businesses only succeed by using their time intentionally. Our products support our customers through time tracking, reporting, and forecasting features.

Harvest started in 2006 as a team of three and has grown to today’s current total of just over 55 lovely faces. We’ve worked as a remote team since the beginning and we continue to hire the right people for the job no matter where they call home.

We also strive to create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, included, and heard. One important aspect of this is continuing to create spaces for diverse life experiences and work histories. If you are a member of a group that is historically underrepresented and disadvantaged in tech, business, and society in general, we want to meet you and we encourage you to apply.

The Marketing Team and Why We’re Hiring

The Harvest Marketing Team currently consists of our Marketing Lead, one Marketing Manager, and one Marketing Designer. This is a team built on collaboration, not competition. Collectively, the Marketing Team is responsible for introducing Harvest to more people, shaping our brand, and (with other teams) improving our overall customer experience.

We are currently looking for a second Marketing Manager to join us and help increase the ability for this team to take on new projects or initiatives. Our new Marketing Manager will have the opportunity to learn and be mentored by our more senior marketing staff, while also maintaining ownership of specific tasks.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities
This person will also collaborate with the Marketing Team on producing customer stories, creating resource guides and/or written content for the website and blog, managing and executing sponsorships, and collaborating with the Product or Customer Support teams on cross-company projects related to Product communications and customer research.

Experience and Qualifications

You might be a match for this position if you have experience:
Though not required, it is a bonus if you have general marketing experience in SaaS or B2B. Or, if you have experience working remotely with fully-distributed teams.

When You Apply

In your cover letter, please tell us:
Also, please answer one of these questions in your cover letter:

To apply:

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