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Full-Stack Software Engineer at NS8 (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

Interview Process

Please include a cover letter with your application. Our interview process starts with a 20-30 minute call to tell you more about the job, company and get an idea of how you might best help us. After that you'll be given a technical assessment that can take up to 4 hour to complete, this will be done on your own time without any form of supervision. Once complete, we will schedule a 1 hour interview to discuss the decisions you made and your technical experience. Following that if all goes well then we would typically extend an offer within 48 hours.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

NS8 is developing a full suite of fraud protection tools that use behavioral analytics and real-time user scoring. We provide businesses with global monitoring to both protect against threats and give firms a greater insight into their real customers.

NS8 engineers collaborate with our team of designers, strategists and engineers to build the industry leading fraud protection suite.

As an engineer at NS8, most of your time will be spent writing and reviewing code. But you’ll also have an equal voice in the entire lifecycle: Research, design, planning, project management and technology choices.

Technical Requirements

NS8 engineers have a strong grasp of at least one programming language and are familiar with several others. We have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming and concepts like static typing, data encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction.

NS8 engineers are passionate about high quality code and processes. We understand the value of automated testing, continuous integration and monitoring. We have high standards. We hold ourselves and others to these standards through code reviews and daily interactions.

We strongly value learning from our peers through collaboration. We also autonomously dive deep to solve complex problems with innovative, simplified solutions. 

At NS8 our engineers are more than developers. Our responsibilities extend beyond the code we write. We take ownership of our entire infrastructure.

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