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Full Stack Software Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

You want to work on something fun and make a living in the process—we get it.

**We're out to build the most kickass camera app and cloud photo storage service for contractors—and to have a good time doing it.** Our hard work is paying off and we're one of the fastest growing apps for contractors. But, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and to be honest, we won't take you too seriously either.

If you're into the whole not-too-serious thing, but also enjoy building awesome stuff, please get in touch.

## You...

* Want to join a startup with our [Story, Values, and Perks](
* Want to develop user-facing features from start-to-finish on autonomous, cross-functional teams. No throwing it over the wall here: you'll work tightly with designers to move features over the finish line.
* Are ready to build stuff for scale.
* Enjoy refactoring legacy code to increase stability and performance.
* Are a generalist, willing to hop in where needed to achieve team and company goals.
* Enjoy teaching others.
* Are a pragmatist at heart, focusing on managing tradeoffs and shipping rather than perfection. You lean toward using existing libraries and tech instead of reinventing the wheel.
* Are comfortable working both independently and collaboratively.
* Love shipping things when they're ready; we deploy several times per day.
* Have experience working with items in our tech stack: Ruby on Rails (required), React, SCSS, Webpacker, Postgres, Mongo, Kafka, S3, and Docker.
*Have a growth mindset.

## We...

* Are a fast-growing, product-led startup with big plans for the future.
* Are a team of nerds and former contractors, roofers, and remodelers excited to build tools to save people time.
* Don't take ourselves too seriously: work isn't the most important thing in life.
* Embrace change. We'll be a different company a year from now, and a different one a year after that.
* Have a passion for excellence.
* Will pay you well and give you meaningful equity, along with health insurance and other benefits.
* Will treat you like an adult and let you take as much time off as you need if you're getting work done.
* Have a great, soon-to-be-custom-remodeled office in the Lincoln Haymarket but love working remotely too.
* Are set up to handle remote employees: good conference room video equipment abounds.

This position can be U.S. Remote or in our Lincoln office. Plenty of remote experience is required if you plan on working remotely. We are not accepting applicants outside the U.S. at this time.

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