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Full Stack .NET Developer - Work From Home at TrackAbout (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago


100% work from home, anywhere in the United States. Our entire tech team (including the CTO) is remote.

We are only considering applicants who have permission to work in the United States without requiring a visa sponsorship.

About the Position

We are seeking an exceptional, full-time developer who is truly passionate about technology and the craft of software development. You’ll be joining a top-notch team of devs who are enthusiastic about software engineering and sharing what they know.

We're looking for a minimum of five years of experience in web and/or mobile application development, .NET/C#, object-oriented patterns and practices and relational databases (SQL). You'll be working on all aspects of the TrackAbout offering including our website, REST API, Azure SQL Database and Xamarin for mobile.

Your responsibilities will include designing and building new features, enhancing existing features, eliminating technical debt and fixing (gasp) bugs.

Every developer is expected to be able to pick up any part of the stack. There are no skill silos here. You'll be working on all aspects of the TrackAbout offering including our ASP.NET website and REST API, Azure components, SQL Server, and developing for various mobile devices.

Stuff we use: Azure (PaaS and IaaS), C#/.NET 4.7+, jQuery, Bootstrap, Xamarin for iOS and Android, ServiceStack, ReSharper, GitHub, Jenkins CI, Trello, Slack, Chef, MediaWiki, RhinoMocks, Ninject, NHibernate.

Skills & Requirements

Required Technical Skills


Personal Traits

Since this is a 100% remote position, you'll be expected to be able to work independently and unsupervised, but with clear goals and direction. We are quality- and results-oriented and we don't micromanage.

We look for the following:

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