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Full Stack Developer

Posted over 2 years ago

Looking for an awesome full-stack web developer with experience on both Node.js and React technologies.

The role requires a product-focused, self-driven engineer who takes pride in delivering a quality application, and also cares about all the details that will make our users happier.

Required technical skills:
Node.js (ability to build a quality backend application that will power-up all web/mobile clients)
PostgreSQL (use as primary database from the backend application)
React (ability to build a modern web application using the React ecosystem)
CSS (ability to produce a responsive website from given designs)
Git / GitHub (working with git and GitHub flow)
Continuous-Integration (CI) (ability to setup and use any CI platform of choice for automated testing and deployments)
Devops: be familiar with at least one of Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure.

Nice to have technical skills:
GraphQL (ability to build a GraphQL API on the backend, as well as consume it on the React web client)
Experience on integrating with 3rd party payment APIs

Other required skills:
Fluent in English (both written and verbal)
Experienced on working remotely in a fast-paced environment

Engagement: full-time (40hr / week), long-term
Location: remote, minimum overlap of 4 working hrs with Gulf Standard Time (GST).
Compensation: negotiable, plus stock options

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