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Frontend Software Engineer (React)

Posted over 2 years ago

*Conduit Ventures is not able to accept candidates that require Visa sponsorship or are located outside of the United States.


The Conduit Ventures engineering team is seeking a Frontend Engineer with two or more years of experience in shipping production web applications. We’re looking for passionate engineers who are seeking new challenges and enjoy using the latest technologies.

The C/V culture promotes a creative and engaging environment where new and innovative thinking is celebrated. In this position you will be responsible for developing web-based applications in cooperation with the rest of the C/V team. You must have a highly-refined skill set, a passion for learning new things, and a sense of current market trends and emerging technologies.

After one year at Conduit Ventures a successful Frontend hire will have:
- Shipped code for multiple venture-backed startups in varying industries
- Expanded C/V’s engineering capabilities by disseminating frontend knowledge while also learning new technologies from other C/V team members and/or clients
- Maintained a healthy work/life balance by taking time when needed and proactively communicating what is needed to be individually successful
- Exhibited the universal traits of the Conduit Ventures team: Intellectual curiosity, Bias for action, Professionalism, Humility


Proactive Communication:
- Be a highly effective and proactive communicator. We’re a distributed team, so strong communication skills are essential
- Understand our clients’ business needs and relate them clearly to our technical work

Project Execution:
- Develop, manage, and monitor timelines, tasks, deliverables, budgets, and resources
- Work cross-functionally with production, graphic design, and content creation teams to provide clear direction for on-time deliverables
- Appropriately document all activity/learnings and then effectively disseminate that information to the greater C/V team


- BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent work experience
- Mastery of the latest JavaScript and web development trends (ES2016+)
- Production experience shipping modern web applications in cloud environments
- Experience with React, single-page applications, and modern frontend paradigms. (We will consider candidates possessing experience with other modern UI libraries)
- Experienced with UI toolkits and CSS-in-JS techniques and libraries
- Keen eye for good design and practical user experience/user interface design

- Prior consulting experience
- Experience working with or implementing GraphQL services
- Experience with Node.js applications
- Experience working with or implementing non-trivial webpack configurations as well as modern UI testing libraries and techniques


Conduit Ventures (C/V) is a software development and recruitment agency. We specialize in helping growth stage startups ship code and scale their teams.

We are a group of engineers and recruiters that are brought together by intellectual curiosity and a drive to support projects that we’re collectively passionate about.


- Ability to work 100% remote with a highly collaborative team
- Exceptional healthcare benefits; premiums are 100% covered by the company
- Competitive compensation
- Unlimited PTO
- 401k (no matching)
- Opportunity to work on open source projects
- Profit sharing participation for all team members
- Travel opportunities to meet C/V team members and clients

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