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Frontend developer

Posted about 2 years ago

**Job description**

Looking for a challenge? Enjoy doing different types of development? We're seeking a Web a skilled web developer to join our startup team and help us raising the bar on creativity and user experiences.

Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and/or other web/JavaScript based frameworks is essential to succeeding in this role. The web developer will have an immediate effect on our brand and that of our clients’, as well as an ongoing impact on the usability and user experience of our web applications.

**Objectives of this Role**

- Create well-designed, tested code using best practices for website development, including mobile and responsive site design

- Create websites and user interfaces, using standard HTML/CSS practices, while incorporating data from back-end databases and services

- Develop or validate testing schedules, addressing all browsers and devices to ensure various computers can access content

- Maintain updated knowledge of new and emerging industry trends and technology


*Skills and Qualifications*

- Five years of development experience with at least three years of JavaScript

- Experience in planning and developing websites across multiple products and organizations

- Working knowledge of web applications, programming languages, and web services, such as APIs, CSS, SCSS, cross-browser compatibility, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, security principles, REST, SOAP, and web user interface design (UI)

- Advanced understanding of multiple JavaScript frameworks and libraries (jQuery, Angular, React, Vue or similar).

- Good knowledge in UX design principles.

**Preferred Qualifications**

- Experience implementing and using modern web development workflows and operations using a variety of tools including GitHub

- Preferable knowledge of AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB or other basic AWS services.

**Company offers**

We are a cloud/SaaS focused startup and You will be part of our fast moving and growing development team. We value high customer focus and delivering systems that customers benefit from. Being a start up, Softbrik offers plenty of room for growth and plenty of technical challenges. You will help to shape the company and your own options for carrier advancement.

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