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Front-end developer Angular

Posted over 2 years ago


Songwriters, singers, bands, and all music creators are tired of not being paid fairly. We have decided to create our own internet presence which includes songwriter and artist accounts for tracking copyright ownership, websites for artist to promote themselves and sell stuff, and a music and video streaming site that is the best on the planet. Check it out at and watch our videos at We just started signing music creators and I promise this is the most exciting and fun job you will ever have. Us music creators are getting ready to kick the big dog’s ass.

Our software development team has over 20 members and growing. We are well funded and we made the top 20 out of around 2500 entries in the Pepperdine University Most Fundable competition and Rhythmic Rebellion was mentioned on Learn more at Our are main office is based out of Georgia, USA.

We are looking for Senior and Middle devs. In a few years we will have over 1000 team members so you have the opportunity for great upward mobility. We want the best developers on the planet and we are willing to pay them like Rock Stars.

Work remotely. We promote a positive work environment. We believe in praise for good work. We want your input. We want your ideas. We don’t mind if you play your music loud!

Required Skills:
* 2 years relevant experience in software development
* Strong JavaScript: native skills;
* Experience with Angular 2+
* Responsive Web Design
* Version Control (GIT)
* Full English professional proficiency

Helpful skills
* Building and Automation tools: webpack/babel etc
* Experience with TDD
* Ability to lead and manage a team

Also looking for:
Someone that has worked with a music streaming company.
Someone that has work with audio or video software.

This is not just a job, it’s an adventure. We are creating new ways to entertain fans through digital audio and video. We have ideas to monetize all these things so that music creators make additional income. Because the music creators are all on our side, we are going to shake up the music industry. No more begging audio and video streamers to pay us fairly. We now have our own company!

Patron Empowerment, LLC owns the Rhythmic Rebellion project which is controlled and ruled by music creators.

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