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Field Operations Engineer at Revl (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago

Field Operations

Revl is seeking a motivated, self-directed engineer for a combination systems administrator, site support, and testing engineer. We’re looking for someone with Linux, networking, Docker, bash scripting, and general troubleshooting skills who can go on-site to locations around the world to install and support our systems. When on-site you would be training our customers, gathering requirements, and keeping the system running stably. Since we have customers in remote locations with limited (at best) internet your ability to troubleshoot remotely is limited. Between deployments you would help with the setup of our custom hardware making future installations easier, and provide testing support trying out new releases to ensure they’re production ready.

Revl makes auto-editing software and smart action cameras. Our customers are sky diving operations, big auto industry players, and zip line operators. What they all have in common is that they want to use our cameras to capture their client’s experiences and then use our software to automatically turn all that footage into a great final edited video that they can sell to their customers. Our auto editing software is fast: a final rendered video is ready less than five minutes after the client has completed the experience! You can see our complete system in action here:

This position offers the opportunity to travel all over the world. As an added benefit you can partake in some of our customer’s experiences while on-site. If you’re excited about racing cars on frozen lakes this January, sky diving in New Zealand in March, and then riding a zip line in Haiti this April this is the position for you!

We are well funded by several reputable VC’s and Angel Investors including Y Combinator, Comcast Ventures, Frog Design Ventures, Luma Pictures, Bill Tai, and Lars Rasmussen. We offer competitive salary, early equity, and health insurance.

We are a distributed software team so you can be located anywhere in the USA. Our main office is a beautiful, commuter friendly space in SoMa San Francisco, where we also offer daily catered lunches for all local employees.


Preferred but not necessary:

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