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Entrepreneurial Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

Seeking Entrepreneurial Developer
We need an ambitious and hands-on developer to lead our software team, building mobile and Web apps. You will be responsible for turning our current MVP app into a leading product with much wider distribution. Next steps include improving the UX, adding security layers, and adding automated testing and continuous integration. You will join our distributed team, and get a full salary plus early stage startup options.

Talented programmer with a proven ability to write Web and mobile apps
Can work remotely and independently
Likes working with early stage startups
Can grow to handle architecture and team building
Fluent in written and verbal English
Desire to integrate behavioral change science into digital health

Salary and equity with a cliff/vesting schedule.

AdviceCoach/AC Health is an app provider that gives healthcare providers -- initially physical therapists -- a much more effective way to communicate personalized medical instructions to their patients. We received a Net Promoter Score of 91 from hundreds of our beta users.

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