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Employee No. 6 Full-Stack .NET Developer (100% remote, flexible hours) at Intelligent Editing Ltd (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

We produce software for editing/proofreading. As Intelligent Editing’s employee number six, you’ll have a wide set of responsibilities and the opportunity to contribute across as much of the business as interests you. That might include developing the next phase of our website; transforming our software (PerfectIt); or developing new products that will amaze anyone who thinks proofreading must be done manually.

You’ll work with a wide array of technologies (some of which you probably won’t be familiar with when joining). So a desire and ability to learn new tools is essential. You’ll be working directly with the founder & CEO, as well as our Chief Engineer, to develop the tools that will allow the company to grow in the long term.

From the first day, you’ll be given a lot of responsibility, so you must be able to work and get things done independently. Although the core role is development, you shouldn’t be afraid to pitch in where needed (including admin, sales and support). In return, you’ll become well versed in a full set of skills valuable to any (or your own) startup.


You will:


Candidates must have at least 4-10 years of experience in commercial programming roles. In addition, candidates should have extensive knowledge of the following languages and technologies:

Candidates should have experience in:

Candidates will have an advantage if they are familiar with one or more of the following:


Contract type: Permanent (subject to a six-month trial).

Salary: £35k - £40k.

Remote working: 100% Work from home.


Candidates must have the right to work in the UK, and must be based in the UK.

We do not work with recruiters.

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