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Developer Advocate at Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago

Developer Advocate

Can you envision yourself applying your technical and communication skills to make a positive impact in the world? Come work with our team of Developer Advocates, Technical Writers, and Site Reliability Engineers in Technical Engagement at the Wikimedia Foundation! We are dedicated to supporting developers within and outside of the Wikimedia Movement who create and use Open Source solutions to technical problems. You are comfortable sharing ideas, providing guidance and technical support, speaking in public, and communicating via asynchronous channels (mailing lists/forums/IRC). Our teams work remotely and so can you!

The Wikimedia Foundation is passionate about making it easier for people to use Wikimedia APIs and to contribute to the numerous Free and Open Source software (FOSS) projects that the Wikimedia movement relies on to power their wikis. Our Developer Advocates provide technical support; run workshops; produce sample code, tutorials,  and other documentation; and help to create a fun, inclusive and productive environment for our international technical communities.

We’d like you to do these things:   

We’d like you to have these skills:

And it would be even more awesome if you have this:

Show us your stuff!

If you have participated in on-line collaborative communities please share links with us. This could be a wiki, web forum, mailing list, GitHub, Stack Exchange, Quora, etc. If you have developed any open source software, send links to that as well. We would love to see your work!

U.S. Benefits & Perks*

*Eligible international workers' benefits are specific to their location and dependent on their employer of record

More information

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Wikimedia Medium Term Plan
Diversity and inclusion information for Wikimedia workers, by the numbers
Wikimania 2019
Annual Report - 2017 

This is Wikimedia Foundation 
Facts Matter
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