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DataAutomation Inc: Technical Manager

Posted about 1 month ago

Headquarters: Athens, GA


Why Join Our Team?
- Are you part of a nerdom/geekdom/fandom? Well, we probably have someone on our team who is a fellow member of that club! At DataAutomation, our sense of community stretches outside of the workplace. Even though we were working remotely before it was cool, we pride ourselves on knowing one another and supporting one another!
- You’ll be helping businesses big and small, from the mom and pop store to large companies. We focus our efforts on giving back the number one commodity: time. We provide these companies with time by helping them take manual tasks off their personal workload and putting them onto the strong shoulders of the internet.
- DataAutomation has tapped into a specific product offering and service that is quickly growing. You would not only have unlimited opportunities to grow with us as a team, but you would also have a direct effect on the day to day operations. We want you to be a part of our team, continue to learn and continue to adapt to the needs of our clients and company. 
- Also, we want you to have a voice! We want to hear from you, hear your ideas, discuss possible improvements, etc.  At DataAutomation, you will not be a voiceless cog in the machine. You have a unique set of skills to bring to the table and we want to make sure we are all working in our areas of genius!
- Did I mention we are remote? No matter where life takes you or where your roots may be, you can take your job with you.
- Organization of team resources
- Reviewing KPIs, Targets, and dictating next action steps
- Supporting and leading the Implementation Team (Project Managers and Developers)
- Oversee the delegation of work to members of the development team
- Mediating between implementation and sales department
- Remove obstacles and barriers the team encounters
- Challenging and managing systems
- Root cause analysis/ foresight and removing obstacles 
- Forming and communicating larger scale initiatives within the company
- Holding team members accountable and encouraging the best from them

Required Qualities in PM Candidate
- 2+ years of development team management and related experience
- 5+ years of development/coding experience
- Strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices 
- Ability to lead an efficient development team
- US Residency
- Highly organized and detail-oriented
- Able to work with various team members across time zones, all who have varying needs
- Discerning and can stay cool under pressure
- Able to prioritize and then reprioritize tasks as projects are constantly evolving and shifting
- Strong creative problem-solving skills

Preferred Qualities in Technical Manager Candidate
- A background in start-ups is helpful but not required for this position
- A Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Certified Project Manager (CPM) or other related project management certification is a plus

Key Performance Indicators
- Cohesively operating development team
- On time project deliveries
- On budget project deliveries
- Utilization rate of development team

- Salary ranging $80-90,000 per year
- Generous benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance
- Unlimited time off policy 

To Apply
- Fill out an application at the link included in this job post (include link to Job Application)

To apply:

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