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Custody X Change: Customer Support: Native English, $500/m, 1h/day

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Utah, USA


We’re hiring a customer service rep with excellent technical skills to answer our very small volume of customer requests. We’ve worked hard to improve our customer experience, and so over time we’ve reduced our customer service needs. It only takes about five hours per week to respond to our customer’s emails. 

Your role would be to check the email twice a day (M-F) for 30 minutes each time, once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. We only take customer requests over email; there’s no phone support, and so there’s no need to call people back and/or play phone tag. 

The key functions of this role are: 

This role is a 1099 contract position, paying a flat rate of $500/month. This seems ideal for someone who wants some very part-time work, in addition to whatever else they’re already doing, or for someone who just wants something meaningful to work on. 

I’d like to hire you if you: 

My company is called Custody X Change. I’ve been working on the business since 2004. We sell a web application that creates child custody schedules and parenting plans. It also helps families make difficult decisions post-divorce/separation, and facilities communication between two parents who may not get along very well anymore. All of this reduces a lot of conflict and saves people a ton of money in legal fees. 

If you want to help people use a genuinely helpful product, and join a small, distributed team, then we should talk. 

To apply, email me at, and: 

  1. Where do you live and what’s your city like? (50-100 words) 

  2. What technical experiences do you have that are relevant? (50-100 words) 

  3. What customer service experiences do you have that are relevant? (50-100 words) 

  4. What do you think about the hours and pay? (50-100 words) 


P.S. We want everyone working here to be happy. You’ll be evaluated based on results, not anything else. 

To apply:

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