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Conversion Rate Experts (CRE): Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Consultant

Posted about 1 month ago

Headquarters: UK and US


Join our remote-working, highly paid team—and get to improve the world’s best websites

Do you…

Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) might be the place for you.

The top five reasons our team members joined us (according to them)

1. Work from anywhere in the world you choose. We’re looking for the very best people, so we won’t be restricted by your location. We won’t expect you to visit clients either, so you can spend the whole day doing productive work—and the whole evening with your loved ones.

2. Collaborate with prestigious clients. Imagine what it will feel like to lead projects for companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.

3. We pay considerably more than most other agencies, because we know that one brilliant mind is worth a hundred mediocre ones.

4. Learn to be the best in the world. We’ll reveal every secret we’ve ever discovered about growing web businesses. You get to be entrepreneurial but without the risk. You’ll receive regular mentoring and training designed to optimize your performance, time, and income. You’ll also have the freedom to use the latest technology, as well as the budget to work with the best vendors in the world.

5. Extremely collaborative culture. Pretty much every newcomer expresses surprise at how helpful and sharing our team is. If you’d like to discover more about what it’s like to work with us, here’s an article about our culture. It’s the most revealing article we’ve ever published, and is well worth a read if you’re considering joining our team.

About the role

Join our highly experienced team of experts, designers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs—who are responsible for delivering amazing (and measurable) results for our clients.

We’re looking for smart, passionate, and ambitious web marketers with a proven track record of growing online businesses.

You’ll provide our clients with the following:

We understand that you may already have clients or projects of your own, and that’s fine. Please mention this in your application. Some of our team members have the freedom of being self-employed—although this does mean you’ll manage your own taxes and home-office expenses.

Interested, but not sure if you’re qualified?

If you aren’t sure whether you’re suitable, please apply anyway. We have loads of experience recognizing talent and aptitude and, at the very least, the application process will reveal the skills we believe are valuable. More details are available at

To apply:

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