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Confidential: In House Accountant/HR Manager Full Time w/ Benefits

Posted about 2 years ago

Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia


We are looking to bring in a new head of accounting and HR. This is a dual hat role that will be performed entirely remotely from within the US. We currently employe less than 50 people inside the US as well as a handful of international contractors. Our company has been in continual business since 2010. 

Job Duties:

The position is estimated to take 15-25 hours per week on normal weeks, more when on boarding new employees or during tax filing season. This position will be listed as a full time W2 position, though historically we have seen a much lower utilization of hours than the typically 40 hour work week. 

We offer:

We are looking to fill this position very quickly to replace a transitioning team member. 

To apply:

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