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Complexly: Freelance Writer: Algebra

Posted about 2 years ago

Headquarters: Missoula, MT


Most students are required to take algebra in their academic lives, and many struggle with the subject. We're looking for someone capable of writing video scripts on the subject of algebra in an engaging and educational way.   

At Complexly, we make videos that help our audiences develop a nuanced and complex view of the world around us. This project will be similar to Crash Course, one of our most renowned channels, which invites students, teachers, and lifelong learners to understand subjects they might have had trouble with or are curious to learn more about.

As our freelance writer, you'll be asked to work with our consultant and editor to write 12-20 episodes for this algebra series, including providing illustrations or reference images to assist the animation team. Every script you write should be accurate and engaging for our audience. You should have an in-depth understanding of algebra and math education. You should also have an appreciation for teaching math in ways that go beyond memorization, and want to share your enthusiasm and knowledge with a broad audience.

If this sounds like you, apply for this position by November 18th!

More details on the position:
Job Title: Algebra Writer
Status: Freelance
Reports to: Content Manager
Term: Approximately 6 months
Location: Remote, ideally US based

If you want to learn more about the work we do at Crash Course and Complexly, check out our website:

To apply:

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