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Cactus Communications: Head of Remote

Posted 18 days ago

Headquarters: Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.


Roles and Responsibilities
Orienting workforce in working remotely
Orienting leaders in engaging and managing performance remotely. Orienting larger organization by imparting skills in work planning, managing meetings, building relationships, collaborating cross functions and asynchronous communication.
Promoting technology-driven collaboration
Identifying, rolling out and promoting technology tools for documentation as well as for synchronous as well as asynchronous communication.
Instituting Remote-First Policies and Resources
Creating guidelines, and policies that enable people to create a safe working environment, ensure data security and comply with local employment regulations.
Virtual Recruitment and Onboarding
Adapting recruitment and onboarding process including creating talent pipeline beyond geographical boundaries, selecting talent, benchmarking compensation and onboarding new joinees to suit Remote-First environment.
 Transform culture
Introducing virtual water cooler program and other other interventions to create camaraderie, sense of belonging and enable people to build relationships.


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