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Build Pipeline Engineer at Balena (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago


We strongly believe that the state of the art in software development, testing, and deployment is light years behind what it could be. Balena engineers take pride on accomplishing more with less by exponentially increasing their productivity through automation and internal tooling, and we are never afraid to question established software development practices, and pioneer our own, to improve the way we work.

As a build pipeline engineer, you will be working on our cross-platform in-house continuous integration system; on internal tools that range from automatic versioning based on commit conventions, to automated project landing website generation; and on discussing and implementing innovative deployment tools and processes within the distributed systems world.

A successful build pipeline engineer is a well-rounded generalist and great communicator that take pride on maximizing the output of their team. They are eager to take responsibility for a project, and are able to make good decisions about the project because they have the context of what's important.

We don't require engineers to already be familiar with the technologies we use. We are happy to invest in people that showcase a strong understanding of the challenges of software development, testing, and deployment along with a willingness to learn and grow.



Need to have:

Nice to have:

Make sure to let us know if any of these items apply to you!



We come from 15+ countries, and we embrace a remote culture with flexible hours. To us, this means being highly productive while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You need to be able to work remotely, and have a dependable internet access available so you can join video calls.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We value knowledge and initiative more than educational and personal backgrounds, age, or location. We maintain a work environment in which team members are treated with respect at all times and in which thoughts and ideas can be shared openly.

We communicate proposals, discuss with others in the team and accept feedback if it makes the result better. We value the ability to learn, which is more important to us than knowledge of specific technologies. We know that learning fast means being outside our comfort zone, which is OK -- we'd rather learn than let our assumptions get in our way.


We're delighted to hear about you! Send us your CV, with a focus on what you can bring to the team. Please include in your cover letter a paragraph about something you worked on that you found technically appealing or exciting.

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