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Book-a-Dancer: Social Media Marketer to Promote Social Dance

Posted almost 2 years ago

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Headquarters: All remote

URL: connects dance teachers with students. We focus on Argentine Tango, which is a social dance.

Our aim is to make Tango a popular dance, which everyone around the world knows and dances. It’s a very ambitious project and we know that it’s doable.

For this, we are seeking social media fanatics who are looking for new experiences for themselves and to share with others.

This job will require you to get out of your chair, leave your house, travel, dance and write. You cannot do this job by researching and digesting material that you find on the Web. You will need to participate, meet people (not Facebook profiles) and then write your own experiences.

Tango is a wonderful way to meet others of all ages from around the world. You will participate in classes and dances in your own city and we will send you to faraway locations to further learn and immerse.

Your monthly and daily routines:

Interested? Here are the job requirements:

A few words about us

Book-a-Dancer is a young business, built and funded by successful and experienced entrepreneurs. Our software development business has been around since 2009 and employs around 100 people from around the world. Besides writing software and managing a remote business, we’re also tango fans. We’re using our resources (money, experience and time) to build this new business. It’s not just a business but a personal passion.

We’re looking for like-minded people who will share our passion and not only treat it as a job.

To apply:

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