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Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Greenville, SC


What We Need:

We are looking for a mid to senior level full-stack developer to join our team and help us transform the firearms industry with the best (and only) SaaS platform of its kind.

Specifics About Job/Location:

Full-time and permanent
Healthy work/life balance
Competitive salary
Medical benefits
Our home office is in Greenville, SC
Our remote office is the planet Earth (bandwidth permitting)

Required Technical Skills:

Rails (currently on 5.1)
Ruby (currently on 2.4.4)
HTML (Slim is a plus)
CSS (Sass/SCSS is a plus)
Postgres (preferred – other relational databases are acceptable)
AWS (familiarity is necessary – practical experience is a plus)
Test driven development using RSpec
Code review of pull requests
The ability to quickly learn a fairly robust code base

Human Skills:

Someone who interacts kindly with others – no ego.
Someone who has interests and passions outside of work – no workaholics.
Someone who is self-motivated and comfortable being self-directed – no micro-management.

Come join our team!

If this sounds like a perfect fit, shoot us your resume and let us know a little about yourself: your experience, what types of projects you enjoy, and other things that you are passionate about.

You can email us at


To apply: http://Email

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