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4Degrees: Full-Stack Engineer (Python, SQL, JS)

Posted 19 days ago

Headquarters: Chicago


The opportunity

4Degrees is at an inflection point - we’ve built a product that’s pioneering a new category of software (relationship intelligence), and are rapidly growing. We're well funded, have hundreds of highly engaged customers, who consistently increase their contract size with us, and are planning with us on how we can take this company into the future. We’ve done this with a scrappy, early-stage team.

The opportunity ahead of us is vast - every business that relies on their relationship network to drive their business has a use case for 4Degrees. To seize that opportunity, we're looking for great engineers to help us build on top of the foundation we've created, while also pioneering new ways to help our customers unlock the value their relationships can bring to their business. You’ll build and use a versatile set of skills: switching between tasks like rolling out major new functionality, diagnosing and fixing bugs, and playing support for other front-end or back-end engineers.

By joining us, you will play a highly impactful role in re-inventing the way professional relationships are managed and building a rapidly growing category. Along the way, you’ll have an opportunity to get unrivaled exposure to all facets of building a startup, and directly shape the outcomes of 4Degrees and its customers. And if you want to build a company of your own after joining us, you'll get direct mentorship from the founding team and support in doing so!

The impact you’ll make by joining us

Within 1 month you’ll:

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Within 1-2 years, you’ll:

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